go for mineral water peeps,,

what’s with RO WATER?

i just dOn’t get the idea Of purifying drinking waters.. it is suppOsed tO be gOOd, but it turned Out the Other way rOund. i always felt dizzy everytime i drank RO water. since hOtels always serve cOmlimentary RO drinking water, sOmetimes cOuldn’t avOid but tO drink, maybe certain peOple can just drink withOut feeling anything.. but it makes me even thirstier when i drank them.

the facts is, reverse OsmOsis as we knOw is a water purifying methOd where (the bad new is) healthy, naturally Occuring minerals in water are remOved.

where as, minerals serve a vital functiOn in the bOdy’s system and as a matter Of fact prOvide a gOOd taste tO water. water,, withOut all the minerals is just like ‘air suling’… which is gOOd fOr labOratOry purpOses,, sOmething that needs tO be sterile (lebih kurang camtulahh..kOt!).. but it cOuld be unhealthy fOr the bOdy..

the prOve is… yeahhhh,, the thing that i’ve been experiencing befOre…

sOOO peOple!! gO fOr mineral water instead Of RO drinking water…
fOr a healthy life,, guys!
cheersss! :)

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